Blower Door Testing

Seal Leaks With Our Blower Door Test

Failing weather stripping, cracks, and other open spaces between your home and the outdoors can cause energy-sapping leaks if undetected. INSULATION WORX works throughout Seattle and the surrounding areas to provide blower door testing services. This allows us to find and eliminate these areas of the home that are causing your utility bills to rise.

Blower Door Testing

This procedure allows us to check for air leaks in your home, pinpointing exactly where you're losing the conditioned air and wasting money. Once we know where the leaks are, we can easily find them, seal them, and save you a great deal of money. We troubleshoot anywhere there could be a leak, including vents, window sills, doors, and even the attic. The most common leaks are found under doors or in improperly sealing washer and dryer areas where the dryer vent goes outside.

Washington State Energy Code (WSEC) Section 502.4

Requires air leakage testing for all new house or major remodels. WSEC states that the test may be performed at any time after rough in. All penetrations in the building envelope must be sealed including those for utilities, plumbing , electrical and ventilation and combustion appliances. Any addition that is above 750 square feet will require a blower door test.

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