Rodent & Insulation Removal

When dealing with rodents, its important to understand what type of rodent you are dealing with. Rats and mice are both able to trasnsfer disease to humans through hair, droppings, and urine.  A se cingle mousan discharge 40-100 droppings and urine.  All rodents are harmful to your home or buisness. We remove all bacteria carrying the harmful viruses by carefully removeing all attic insulation or crawl space insulaiton. We recommend all insulation be removed in order to find all rodent entry points and remove the odor that the insulation retains. Rodents will stash nest throughout the insulation so we remove all rodents, droppings, and dead animals. Whether infestation is in attics, crawl, or walls, we can completly remove the rodent infestation along with vapor barriers, and damaged duct insulation. Once again Insulation removal is highly recommended due to the fact that the rodent droppings get so embedded in the insulation that the only solution is to remove everything contaminated. Once infestation is cleaned out we deodorize and sanitze entire area. Rodents are attracted to the odor of rodent infestations and we remove that attraction.

Rodent Exclusion 

Our skilled and trained technicians inspect every capable rodent entry point. Rodents can find weak points in the buildings envelope and thet the rodents chew their way threw. Its our job to find those access points and seal every rodent entry point. Sealing off entry points are one of the most important steps. We utilize 18 guage 1/4" metal screen along with spray foam to keep the rodents out! Out tried and tested methods are all backed by warranties.  

Rodent Trapping-Pest Control 

Depending on the size of rodent infestation, our technicians will provide an aggresive rodent trapping proposal. In attics, crawls, and homes we utilize traps over bait. Our mission is to remove any and all rodents not let them die in your walls, that just creates an unbearable stench. Most homes we can remove infestation, seal off entry points and the problem will be gone. Other homes or buisnesses will need monthly trapping due to exccessive structure damage left unrepaird or burrow holes that are caused by moles creating new highways to the rodents.  We have monthly and quarterly Rodent-Trapping maintance options available.

Contact a Professional

It is highly recommended that anyone experiencing a rodent infestation to contact Insulation Worx at (253) 353-0226. We can arrange for a free consultation. Our professionals are trained to address current rodent infestations and prevent future infestations. 

We remove the rodents and keep them out!!!