Enjoy Peace With Sound Insulation

Sound transfer can be an annoyance, especially in small spaces. INSULATION WORX uses a unique acoustic material to help minimize the sound coming into or leaving your home. Sound insulation solutions are available for homes and businesses throughout Seattle and the surrounding areas, including all of King and Pierce counties.

Install a Sound Barrier

Our acoustic insulation can prevent the transfer of sound between rooms, floors, or the house and outdoors. If you hear people moving around above you a lot, or you're tired of hearing your teenager's music, acoustic insulation is a great solution for your needs. The best time to install is while you're remodeling, but we can do our job whenever you like. Schedule your free estimate and consultation today!

Drill and Fill Interior Walls

You can soundproof your room without destroying its overall look. Soundproofing commonly occurs when you want to shield a bedroom from outside noise. Another instance is in a theater room, where you might want to keep the noise in. Insulation Worx carries a variety of insulation products that offer noise-reducing properties. Batt, blown-in, and spray foam insulation can reduce sound transfer in the walls and ceilings in your home. At the same time, these specialized insulation products help prevent drafts and energy loss.